About Us

tea and other things

Our goal is to provide customers with the best quality tea for smaller costs, and to reduce the carbon footprint by providing Earth-friendly packaging.

Tea Hippie lives in Cochrane, a small town nestled at the edge of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Canada. We have been studying and serving loose leaf tea from around the world since 2003, when we were famously known as "Tea... and other things". For years our store lived as having the largest selection of quality loose leaf tea in Western Canada, and we aim to keep that goal! Tea... and other things then grew to become a store full of loose leaf teas, enormous collections of gift-wares including teapots, mugs, handmade goods, and so many other gift-ware items, as well as running a small cafe where we served tea in English style teacups and locally made baking.

Kelly Joyner, the wonderful creator of our tea shop, has been in the small business world all of her life. Kelly took interest in business at an early age in her father's shop called Joyners, which was a massive clothing store based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, which famously held the world's largest cash cable system. Many of these items including pegs, part of the cable system, and bags have been kept at Tea... and other things for display.

In 2014, Tea... and other things became a Mother and Child operation when we opened up our fandom based Etsy shop called 'Tea Hippie', where we make and create blends based on popular fandoms of TV shows, movies, comic books, video games, books, etc... We take our Etsy teas to several comic expos a year across Canada.

Tea Hippie started as a website in 2015. Starting small, we have grown to be able to ship world wide and provide people from around the world with our fair trade quality teas while making an impact to keep the Earth clean.