Orders are on hold until March 4th. Read why below!

Our big 2024 announcement!

It’s time to make a change. Tea Hippie will be packing up and moving to Sylvan Lake at the end of February. This will come with a few changes.

First, we are NOT closing. Tea Hippie will remain as an online business, we will continue to be at our regular annual markets, and we will still have a pick up option just at a new location in Sylvan Lake

Orders will pause on Thursday, February 22nd. You will be able to pick up any Cochrane orders until Sunday February 25th. 

We will resume Monday, March 4th. 

Orders placed between February 22nd and March 4th will not be sent out for delivery until March 5th. You may continue to place an order, and it will be considered a pre-order for those two weeks. 

Please contact us for any questions or concerns!

Thank you for everything Cochrane!
Tea Hippies

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