Tea & Paint

Snack, sip tea, accidentally drink your paint water, and have a good time! Join us for one of our paint nights where we learn with watercolours, make new friends, and enjoy a tea tasting experience.



** No session are available at this time. Pease check back soon or follow us on Facebook to stay updated. 



Our nights include both a tea tasting experience, as well as a follow-along watercolour painting tutorial. At our sessions we will have three different types of tea for you, with instruction on pairing these teas with certain foods or treats. Teas can bring out a lot of different flavours when pairing them with the right foods! Between servings, our instructor will guide you on creating a unique watercolour painting for you to take home.

"My painting ability ends with stick men!"

Not to worry! Our projects are designed for beginners with no experience. Whether you've never held a paintbrush before, or it's already a hobby of yours, everyone can join. Our paintings are not lessons, we are all about wanting to have a fun night that's enjoyable, relaxing, and stress free.


"What do I need to bring?"
Nothing! All of the goodies and the supplies you will need will be provided by us. We only ask that you dress in clothing you are OK with potentially getting stains on. Most watercolour paints will wash out with regular detergent, however all colours are made differently and some may stain more than others.

"What types of tea and food will there be?"
Each night is unique. At this time we cannot currently offer substitutions, so please make sure to read our menu for each session beforehand. Caffeine free, gluten free, and vegan options are not always guaranteed, but we do try and make sure every night can be enjoyed by everyone. 

"How big are your sessions?"
Our paint nights will have approx. 10-16 people. There are 2 people to one table, so grab a friend to come along or meet someone new! Most supplies are per person, but a few things will be shared on the table such as paper towel rolls, pencils, tape, etc. Each person will have their own set of brushes, paints, water cups, paper canvas, palette, and snack plates.

"How does the tea tasting work?"

Our host, Kelly, will be serving three different types of tea throughout the session. Each tea will come with a unique snack to taste while sipping. We want to show you how to balance the diverse and interesting flavours of tea and food when paired together.